The Arnold Schwarzenegger classic “Commando” is getting a new Director’s Cut Steelbook release from Zavvi

Arnie’s OTT cult classic Commando is coming to UK steelbook with a Zavvi exclusive release on May 4th.

Pre-orders will be live at 6pm UK time on March 7th (ignore the ‘sold out’ button until then).

Pre-order: Zavvi

Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook. Limited to 2000 Copies.

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of one of the best action movies of all time! This explosive limited edition steel book includes the Director’s Cut of Commando — on Blu-ray™ for the first time ever – with amazing action, extensive special features and all the Arnold you could ask for.

Retired Delta Force operative Colonel John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) lives a secluded life with his daughter (Alyssa Milano). When she is kidnapped by a brutal former team member seeking revenge, Matrix must travel to South America and get her back. Somewhere…somehow… someone’s going to pay!





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4 Responses

  1. dean says:

    this is still saying as sold out even though its past the 7th of March
    been checking it everyday… have you any more details on this

  2. dean says:

    ah thanks for that i can relax now! gutted i missed this though. cant be at fault if it sold out in a few hours. i should be more on the ball, not got twitter but il check it out

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