The Culture Trumpet podcast is back with a new episode and we’re going (almost) all-in on Disney

We’re back, and this time it’s (mostly) all about Disney, as we run through the highlights of this year’s Disney+ Day and D23 Expo.

In with all that is a new exclusive interview with listener Warren Badenski about something we’ve not covered before – autograph collecting. It’s a great chat, and we learnt a lot.

You can skip to the content starting at the following times:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:55 – Disney+ Day
  • 20:07 – Autograph Collecting Interview
  • 51:28 – D23 Intro
  • 52:50 – Disney Live Action
  • 57:02 – Marvel Studios
  • 01:11:31 – Lucasfilm
  • 01:16:35 – Disney Parks
  • 01:30:14 – Round-up & Outro

Caution – episode contains occasional fruity language.

Caution – episode contains occasional fruity language.

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