The first four “Transformers” movies are getting a stunning new set of steelbooks in Europe

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While the world wait for the … *sigh* … fifth Transformers film from Michael Bay, the first four movies are all being treated to new steelbook editions in June.

Whatever your views on the films themselves (don’t get me started), there’s no denying these look glorious.

No word yet on a UK release, but pre-orders are live right now at Amazon Germany (bargain price!) and Amazon Italy (bit more expensive). Please note that while the German J-Card shows German text, the steelbooks themselves should be all in English, as per the Italian releases.

Thanks to reader Edgar for the heads up!



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3 Responses

  1. They’re fairly nice but I prefer the initial releases. Don’t think I’ll be rebuying these

  2. Roger Lopez Roger Lopez says:

    Same here. This franchise really isn’t worth the double or triple dips. Agree to disagree.

  3. tomasz says:

    Personally I think they are stunning looking stelbooks!
    The common theme through 1 to 4 makes this look like proper collection.
    I just hope they will stick and release the ”Last Knight” to match the design of the previous 4.

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