Two new reader polls to check out, and discuss in our forum

Many thanks to those who voted in our last poll. The majority voted against us covering Steelbook edition games, so we’ll stick with Blu-ray releases. If you have any further thoughts or suggestions on that, please get in touch!

Right now we have two new polls for you, that you’ll find over on the right hand side of this page >>>

The first concerns the number of Steelbooks hitting the street. While HMV and used to be the main sources of Steelbooks, with a slow but steady trickle of releases, this year has seen a big rise in the number of movies getting the Steelbook treatment. Zavvi especially have a long list of exclusive titles on the horizon. So, is this good or bad? Vote in our poll then discuss more in our forum.

Next up, and leading on from the first question, we are seeing – again mainly from Zavvi – a lot of old movies getting Steelbook releases. For some, like last year’s Zombie Flesh Eaters or the upcoming The Fall of The House Of Usher, include carefully crafted restorations and a ton of extras. Others are simply repackaging old releases with no new features or transfers. Do you like seeing older movies getting the Steelbook treatment, or would you rather studios concentrated on new movies? Place your vote on the right, then discuss it more here.

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