Action sequel “300: Rise of an Empire” is getting a UK Steelbook release in September

The visually stunning 300’s equally dazzling sequel, Rise of an Empire, hits Blu-ray on September 29th, and you can pre-order the steelbook edition right now.

Extras are still TBC, but this release WILL include the 3D version of the movie, along side the 2D.

Thanks to JP and Danny W for the heads up!

Pre-order: Zavvi | | Amazon UK

300_rise_1 300_rise_2


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8 Responses

  1. yardman says:

    £26.99 how do zavvi have the cheek to even list this at that price, do they have no respect for there customers..

  2. Steve Woods says:

    Fancy the film but don’t fancy paying that price!

    • admin says:

      Yeah, deffo a bit steep. Studio cost price will definitely play a part in that, but still…

      It’s not listed as an exclusive, so hopefully other retailers will list it at a lower price!

  3. Mat says:

    Amazon charging £36 now that’s a liberty

  4. Chris says:

    £24.99 at (Entertainment Store). Cheapest so far.

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