Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic action movie “Predator” getting a Zavvi exclusive 3D Steelbook release in December

80s classic Predator recently got pointless conversion wonderful upgrade to 3D, and Zavvi are bringing us an exclusive steelbook release, limited to 3000 copies, on December 8th.

Pre-orders will be live around midday UK time on the 19th October so ignore the ‘Sold Out’ button for now.

You can also get £2 off the price of this release when you buy it alongside any sale steelbook – just use the code ‘FOX2’

Pre-order: Zavvi





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4 Responses

  1. yardman says:

    lol, great quotes, this is to true though,
    pointless release, so many classics still to come,
    and what do they do, keep going round in circles..
    great day i suppose for the double dippers..

  2. Gary Millis says:

    Does this include a 2D version, or 3D only?

  3. Syd says:

    This steelbook would appeal to me far more if they used the creature for the front artwork, rather than Conan the Republican.

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