B-Movie classic “Tremors” is getting a great new Steelbook release from Zavvi in September

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Tremors pulls of a great double whammy – a loving tribute to 50s and 60s b-movie creature features, that has become a much loved classic in its own right. While the sequels – though fun – have failed to live up to the original, a new TV is in development with original star Kevin Bacon, which should hopefully re-capture some of the magic.

In the meantime, on September 25th, Zavvi will release this great looking new steelbook edition.

Pre-orders will be live around 6pm on September 17th, so ignore the ‘sold out’ button until then.

Pre-order: Zavvi

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Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward star as two country handymen who lead a cast of zany characters to safety in this exciting sci-fi creature comedy. Just as Val McKee (Bacon) and Earl Basset (Ward) decide to leave Perfection, Nevada, strange rumblings prevent their departure. With the help of a shapely seismology student (Finn Carter), they discover their desolate town is infested with gigantic man-eating creatures that live below the ground. The race is on to overcome these slimy subterraneans and find a way to higher ground, in this enjoyable thriller co-starring Michael Gross and Reba McEntire.

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  1. Wonder if there will be a stampede for this??

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