The blockbuster “Harry Potter” movies are getting new UK exclusive Steelbook releases from HMV

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HMV and Warner Bros are bringing us a new complete steelbook collection of the Harry Potter movies.

The first four will be released in August, with the rest following in October, and they are all available to pre-order right now.










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25 Responses

  1. @hmvtweets OMG they look so good! shame I’ve already got the ultimate editions 🙁

  2. Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

    @hmvtweets You PROMISED it was Short Circuit!!!

  3. I cant afford them but i want them!

  4. Too bad they will most likely be the same original encodes rather than remastered into better quality.

  5. Jason Murphy Jason Murphy says:

    Laura oh no! 😉

  6. Pedro Pedro says:

    @hmvtweets sigh! No Hellrasier then. ?

  7. i wish there were the extended versions too.

  8. Paul stagg Paul stagg says:

    @hmvtweets so pretty and make up for losing 250 notes buying the us exclusives that I got scammed on 🙁

  9. Amanda Baker Maxine Baker

  10. Ben Evans Ben Evans says:

    @hmvtweets £20 each!!! Are they havin a joke even zavvi would only put em up at £12.99. Whole set £160 mental!!!

  11. Paul stagg Paul stagg says:

    @hmvtweets the fence ones look better 🙁

  12. Paul stagg Paul stagg says:

    @hmvtweets French…

  13. Ordered all 8. What the hell, right?

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