Classic 70s noir thriller “Chinatown” is getting a very classy looking slipcase Steelbook release from Zoom

Zoom are adding to their ever-growing range of steelbook exclusives with this very nice slipcase edition of the classic Chinatown.

The release date is November 14th, and pre-orders will be live on Thursday September 29th.

We’ll confirm the pre-order link as soon as we have it.

Pre-order: Zoom





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3 Responses

  1. Ray Cole Ray Cole says:

    A mint film & a worthy steelbook release. So many releases between Oct – Dec, i may declare myself bankrupt in Jan!.

  2. This is more like it. A classic movie in a nice package at a reasonable price and with English language on the slip.

  3. Keith Morris says:

    Well done Zoom ,now this is one to look forward too a classic in every sense of the word,packaging looks excellent plenty of classics out there that have not been given the steelbook treatment to many other steelbook titles keep being brought out in different formats

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