Decisions, decisions… there’s a European “Suicide Squad” Steelbook coming…

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A few weeks ago the final art for the HMV UK exclusive steelbook release of Suicide Squad was revealed, to an overwhelmingly positive response. There’s no doubting that it’s a beauty.

Now though, the European release is available for pre-order with different, but equally impressive artwork.

The French release includes the Extended Cut and 3D versions of the movie, while the Italian release is just the Extended Cut.

Now you just need to decide which to order. This one’s harder to pick than a broken nose.

Pre-order: Amazon France | Amazon Italy


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8 Responses

  1. Nice steelbook, but dam I hated that movie :’-(

  2. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    I face a quandary. I didn’t think much of the movie, but it could be a case of a similar thing going to happen as did with BvS and get an extended cut. And I don’t think much of the Steelbooks either. BUT. From the sounds of it they are going to be pretty sought after so they could end up being pretty valuable. This is what I always claimed to dislike about the approach of some collectors and i steadfastly maintain that I collect what I like and if it turns out to have some great monetary value as well then that’s a bonus. I probably will own this movie and if I do then I want the best looking version I can get at a reasonable price. Decisions decisions.

  3. Ray Cole Ray Cole says:

    Better than the HMV one for me, got to be done. More money, methinks i need to sell a few organs to cover November’s releases ?

  4. Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

    Much better artwork.

  5. James Bowman says:

    With the value of the £ these versions are too expensive, the French version would cost around £35 delivered and these use very poor cardboard mailers. The Hmv version has an English J card, 3d included, all for under £23. No competition unfortunately.

  6. Mikejp says:

    Cancelled my HMV preorder for this. Only £2 more if you order through Amazon Italy. I was a fan of the HMV art but this is much,much better.Well played Amazon.

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