Elton John biopic “Rocketman” is getting a 4K UK Steelbook release from Zavvi

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Last years’ Bohemian Rhapsody, telling the (pretty heavily sanitised) story of Freddie Mercury and Queen, overcame average reviews to become an unexpected box office smash.

This year it’s the turn of Elton John, and the ‘based on a true fantasy’ Rocketman, from British director Dexter Fletcher, who co-incidentally took over directing duties to finish ‘BoRhap’ following the departure of the original director.

Reviews this time round seem generally more positive, helped in no small part to a great central performance from Kingsman’s Taron Egerton.

Final artwork and release date are still TBC, but pre-orders for the 4K (Blu-ray included) steelbook release are live right now.

Pre-order: Zavvi

ROCKETMAN is an epic musical story about Elton John’s breakthrough years. The film follows the fantastical journey of transformation from shy piano prodigy Reginald Dwight into international superstar Elton John. This inspirational story – set to Elton John’s most beloved songs and performed by star Taron Egerton – tells the universally relatable story of how a small-town boy became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture.

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6 Responses

  1. Bryan Smyth Bryan Smyth says:

    Hasnt even opened Stateside yet.

    • Ray Cole Ray Cole says:

      Bryan Smyth it’s a pretty Impressive performance by Taron… along with the top choons

    • Bryan Smyth Bryan Smyth says:

      Ray Cole I saw the advanced screening last weekend. Its good but very slow paced. Taron is very good in the role, and sounds eerily like Elton. What nearly ruins the movie is that they do snippets of his music and the flashback to tell the story, beginning.

    • Bob Ferreira Bob Ferreira says:

      Yeah, it’s really becoming way, way more common for pre-orders to go up for movies that aren’t even theatrical yet. I literally don’t get the point. In this instance, sure, it’s a bit more limited. But sometimes it’s like, the regular blu or regular 4K of a movie going up for pre-order, and the damn thing will be everywhere when it comes out, so why throw down money months ahead of time?

      • Paul Boland says:

        Theatrical cinema release was May 24th in UK
        This steelbook is a UK release and went live to pre order on May 24th

        Lot of Blu-ray releases go live to pre order on the day of cinema release

        Release date though is usually 4 to 6 months later

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