From the moron who brought you – BEHOLD!!! CULTURE TRUMPET!!!

Trust me, the name was very nearly MUCH worse.

Anyway, as if this site isn’t enough of a chore, now there’s another one.

As the name suggests (or perhaps doesn’t), Culture Trumpet is a bit more wide ranging than what you’ll find here, covering all that’s good (or at least vaguely interesting) in the world of pop culture. Things are a bit sparse at the moment, but we’re working on getting more articles up over the next few days.

Look for news, reviews and opinions on film, TV, music, and whatever else we can shoe-horn in.

And by ‘we’, I really do mean ‘we’. Whereas this site has always been a solo effort, Culture Trumpet has helpers!

You can read more – and get involved if you’d like – right here.

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