Marvel’s latest blockbuster “Captain Marvel” is getting 4K and Blu-ray Steelbook releases from Zavvi

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Avengers: Endgame is almost with us, but to keep us going till then, Marvel’s newest release, “Captain Marvel” is hitting the big screen.

The 90s-set story line introduces the titular character, who is expected to play a major part in the Endgame.

Zavvi are bringing us a selection of steelbook releases. You’ll be able to choose from the usual 4K/Blu-ray combo, or Blu-ray only options. In addition, there will also be an awesome looking special collectors set, again with a choice of 4K or Blu-ray.

Final steelbook art and release dates are still TBC, but pre-orders for all four versions are live right now.

Pre-order standard steelbook:

Pre-order Collectors Edition steelbook:

You can also check out a range of Captain Marvel merch here.

Collector’s Gift Box includes:

  • 4K or Blu-ray steelbook
  • Collector’s Gift Box
  • Light-up Slipcase
  • 4 Special Edition Art Cards
  • 4 Collector’s Metal Pin Badges


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28 Responses

  1. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    This is incredible!!!!!’

  2. Pretty impressed with this,Zavvi have done me proud☺️

  3. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    It’s the norm for most premiums but they need to rethink their prices.

    • Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

      Mark Cordell Who needs to? Zavvi or everyone?

    • Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

      Jordan Brown zavvi. This is over and above other premiums.

    • Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

      Mark Cordell But there’s nothing to say Zavvi can’t whack out a premium that’s as good as or better so why should they go lower than the market rate?

    • Mark Cordell and if you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it.

      Ultimately the price is dictated by the cost price that Disney charge, and that’s always high across all their ‘brands’.

      If people don’t buy it, Disney will either not do another one, or the next one will be cheaper.

    • Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

      The thing is, really speaking, no premium is worth more than £40 let alone £70. Yet it’s never challenged until HMV did Venom or Zavvi did this one. I get it though, because the price hole is there for all to see because Zavvi don’t overcharge for their standard editions. I just don’t see why they should have to lowball their competition if they deliver a product that’s just as good.

    • Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

      Jordan Brown I’m eager to see what they do produce. But they need to package it in the right way. No more thin cardboard with no padding or just a jiffy envelope. When you pay this much you need it in a proper box. And the last time they did slipcases was for some paramount releases and they were a cheap and nasty affair. I have a fair amount of premium steels and I know what to expect in terms of quality and finish. If this doesn’t come up to the standards we are used to, there will be a backlash. All I’m saying is, it’s a good £15 or so over the usual price of such things.
      Zavvi aren’t making this. They’ve never exactly been hot on quality control in the past so I remain to be convinced. Also it’s limited to 2000 over the two versions. Not as limited as some.
      I’m wondering if this is a success that other might increase prices to match if they feel they can get away with it. Then zavvi will be in danger of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

  4. Clayton Burt Clayton Burt says:

    Links not working ? when will I be able to preorder?

  5. Now only if they’ll ship it like a premium…??

  6. Brian Gomez Brian Gomez says:

    Is this going to go up on us.zavvi?

  7. Leslo LeBron Leslo LeBron says:

    No se ni por q sigo esta pagina por q zavvi no llega acá pero pues Angel Rodriguez

  8. Steve Hill Steve Hill says:

    Just got in from iMax viewing and ordered this!!

  9. I can’t quite justify spending the extra on the collector’s set and with they way they package previous ones I’ve ordered, I don’t expect it to arrive in mint condition

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