Marvel’s latest epic “Captain America: Civil War” is getting a Zavvi UK Steelbook release

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UPDATE – This has now sold out, however nearer release time Zavvi often have additional copies available due to cancellations. As soon as we hear they do, we’ll update! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates.

Since its first screening for critics a few weeks ago, Captain America: Civil War has been getting rave reviews, as it as it links together story elements from both Captain America: The Winter Solder and Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as launching Phase Three of the MCU.

Zavvi are once again teaming with Marvel to bring release the movie’s UK steelbook edition, with a release date of September 5th
Pre-order: Zavvi





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24 Responses

  1. @zavvi Spank you hairy crutch! ?

  2. John k John k says:

    @zavvi why midnight. Never understood that myself. Hopefully come 7am when i get up for work it won’t be sold out.

  3. @zavvi Wonder what final artwork will be!

  4. Pedro Pedro says:

    @zavvi the most important question is one or two?

  5. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Let’s hope title is on spine

  6. I’ll be at the midnight screening – Hope I can get a signal to pre order

  7. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Luckily I’m unable to go until tomorrow night

  8. Danny Smith Danny Smith says:

    Rearly midnight again joke some of us have to get up at crack of dawn so midnight or never as will sell out in minutes any one no how many copies are being printed ???

  9. Im calling it right now, it’ll look like the sokovia accords. Which will be somewhat of a disappointment

  10. Tom McIntosh Gary Buckley

  11. Tony Tony says:

    @zavvi civil war is live!!!

  12. James Gray James Gray says:

    It’s on sale now, my order is already placed

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