“Star Trek I – X” UK Limited Edition boxset beaming down in November

While September sees the release of the latest instalment in the franchise, the first 10 ‘classic’ Star Trek movies are getting their own limited boxset release in the UK on November 25th.

While we’d expect the on-disc extras to at least match those from previous individual releases, this new set also includes a bunch of new goodies.

Best of all for overseas fans, this release is region free!

Read on for the pre-order link, new extra features, packaging and film cells.

Pre-order: Amazon UK

Special Features:

  • Includes 12 discs, including 2 bonus discs: ‘The Captains’ Summit’ and ‘Evolutions’
  • 112 page full-colour photo book including original studio production manuals
  • Senitype® film cell collection
  • Collection of 3 story boards
  • Collection of original production notes films 1-10
  • Fabric Federation badge
  • Ship Blueprint




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