The “Back to The Future” Trilogy is getting this incredible ‘Complete Adventures’ box set in October

Back to The Future is now 30 years old, and to celebrate Universal are bringing us this incredible 8 disc box set on October 20th.

To say it’s comprehensive is an understatement, and you can check out all the goodies included below.

At the moment this is just being listed on Amazon US, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t get an international release. Luckily, if it doesn’t, the US release is region free!

Pre-order: Amazon US

  • Box set includes:
    Back to the Future Blu-ray
  • Back to the Future Part II Blu-ray
  • Back to the Future Part III Blu-ray
  • Back to the Future: The Complete Animated Series DVD (26 Episodes)
  • All-new Bonus Disc featuring over 2 hours of content
  • Back to the Future: A Visual History 64-Page Book
  • Collectible Light-Up Flux Capacitor Packaging
  • Digital HD with UltraViolet on all 3 films



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