The brilliant Star Wars spin-off “Rogue One” is getting a very nice looking 4K Steelbook release from Zavvi

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Zavvi are almost at the end of their epic series of 4K Star Wars steelbooks. Now it’s the turn of the spin-offs, and first up is Rogue One.

As usual, you’ll get the movie on 4K disc and Blu-ray, as well as a Blu-ray of extra features.

Pre-orders are due to go live at Zavvi at midnight on Thursday August 27th for Red Carpet subscribers, and around 8am Friday for everyone else, so ignore any ‘sold out’ notices before then.

Our Red Carpet links don’t work properly for some reason, so you will need to log in first, then click the link below. Once the Red Carpet period is up, the link will work fine.

Pre-order: Zavvi

From Lucasfilm comes an epic adventure – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In a period of great confilct, a group of unlikely heroes led by Jyn Erso, a daring fugitive, and Cassian Andor, a rebel spy, band together on a desperate mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction.

Special Features:

  • The Stories:
    • A Rogue Idea
    • Jyn: The Rebel
    • Cassian: The Spy
    • K-2SO: The Droid
    • Baze & Chirrut: Guardians Of The Whills
    • Bodhi & Saw: The Pilot & The Revolutionary
    • The Empire
    • Visions Of Hope: The Look of Rogue One
    • The Princess & The Governor
    • Epilogue: The Story Continues
  • Rogue Connections

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20 Responses

  1. Matt Boreham Matt Boreham says:

    Very decent. Any news on a Tenet steely being released?

  2. Carl Traill Carl Traill says:

    I’ve already got all the Star Wars movies on steelbook apart from one.
    All I want/need is a steel book release of the Clone Wars movie.

  3. Is this available to customers in the US?? It’s gorgeous.

  4. That looks real good. This is what I had hoped the original steelbook cover would look like for Rogue One.

  5. Sam Johnston Sam Johnston says:

    This well sell out fast

  6. Dan Hortop Dan Hortop says:

    Cool definitely be ordering this at 12am tonight.

  7. Dan Hortop Dan Hortop says:

    Steelbook Blu Ray News what about Solo: A Star Wars Story I saw on steelbook pro preorders are going live Saturday 29th 10am?

  8. Buelo Eds Buelo Eds says:

    ever ordered Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!

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