The, erm, classic videogame adaptation “Street Fighter” is getting a Zavvi exclusive Steelbook release in February

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It’s the film that needs to be in every collection, and, thanks to Zavvi, on February 6th it can be all yours.

Pre-orders will be live around 6pm UK time on Saturday January 14th, so ignore the ‘sold out’ button before then.

Pre-order: Zavvi

Steelbook finish – Matt varnish with metal coming through on the title treatment, necklace, belt and watch on the front and the submarine and the sixpence hat on the back.

Shadaloo, Southeast Asia, 1995. As civil war enters its seventh month, warlord General M Bison (Raul Julia, The Addams Family) brings the crisis to the brink of global conflict when he takes 63 Allied Nations relief workers hostage, threatening to execute them unless a ransom of $20 billion is forthcoming. Colonel William F. Guile (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Timecop, Universal Soldier) is given the mission to rescue the hostages – but first he must locate them. The action reaches fever pitch as Guile, Cammy (Kylie Minogue) Bison and their collective forces clash in a highly-charged climactic battle, with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance. From the writer of Die Hard and Judge Dredd, STREET FIGHTER is an action-packed, fun-filled film.

Steelbook Special Features:

  • The Making of Street Fighter featurette
  • Commentary with Writer/Director Steven de Souza
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Street Fighter IV Anime and Game Trailers
  • Photo Gallery

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24 Responses

  1. @zavvi so many amazing sreelbooks coming out

  2. @zavvi The word ‘classic’ is used loosely with this film

  3. @zavvi “classic”….be ashamed, be very very ashamed ….

  4. @zavvi

  5. Yay!! What a classic… ? when some of the greatest movies don’t get one but this does ?

  6. Its actually so bad that its good!

  7. - Mr J - - Mr J - says:

    @zavvi guess I’m the only one getting it, this is a guilty pleasure for me. I think Raul Julia is fantastic.

  8. Steelbooks Steelbooks says:

    @zavvi proudly in the collection already. Will upgrade when it goes down to £5.99 ?

  9. Nick Peace Nick Peace says:

    … Why??????????????????

  10. Matthew Towell finally, pre order here I come

  11. Just need cyborg, bloodsport, double impact and nowhere to run steelbooks next please zavvi

  12. To be fair, they already announced a steelbook release of the Mario Bros movie, its not like they could get any worse.
    At least this is the type of bad movie you can enjoy taking the piss out of with mates.

  13. Matt Hitchborne you need to add this gem to your collection

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