Marvel’s 23-film “Infinity Saga” is getting a UK Collectors Edition 4K boxset release from Amazon in November

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On November 2nd you’ll be bale to pick up this 23 film, 50 disc boxset of the Infinity Saga, featuring all 23 movies movies on 4K and Blu-ray disc, alongside 4 additional bonus discs, and artwork by the amazing UK artist Matt Ferguson.

Pre-orders are live right now. Be warned – it’s not cheap at £400 (although, that’s approx £17 per film, with the packaging, goodies and 4 bonus discs essentially thrown for free…), but it sure is something special.

Thanks to reader Nathan Dann for the heads up!

Pre-order: Amazon UK


  • All 23 MCU Films on 4K ULTRA HD & BLU-RAY discs (46 discs) housed in 23 individual Art Cases
  • 4 Bonus Discs including the Exclusive Infinity Saga Bonus Disc released by Kevin Feige
  • Exclusive Lithograph by Matt Ferguson
  • Autograph Card
  • Thank You Letter from Kevin Feige

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30 Responses

  1. £400 is a lot of money

  2. Sam Johnston Sam Johnston says:

    As much as I would love too have this , I agree I can’t part with £400

  3. Look at it this way – approx £17 per film. The fancy packaging and 4 bonus discs are then free. Doesn’t sound so bad 🙂

  4. No for me, already own the movies here I like in 4K. No incentive to buy especially at that price

  5. Graham Head Graham Head says:

    For most fans who have already got all the movies, it’s £400 for four discs. Where’s the 3D versions?

    • Graham Head I don’t have them sold mine last year and didn’t buy the rest as I was waiting on this release the moment it was announced by marvel last year to release for USA I had a feeling we would get it a year later I was correct this a beauty boxset to have all in one is good to display easier and nicer as you think about it price wise isn’t the big issue works out about £17 each plus you get bonus are not release before. As for 3D I can’t stand them give me a headache it’s all about 4K the quality much better then 3D so I didn’t care about them. I can’t wait to get this boxset in November ?

    • Graham Head Graham Head says:

      There’s no doubt that it’s a nice set, but as I have them all in Steelbook format and 4K, Blu-Ray & 3D, it really is pretty packaging and 4 discs for the price.

  6. Adam Corrie as nice as it is, the price.

  7. Better than the £1200 on ebay ? plus the star wars 4k for 9 films was £199

  8. Bruce Goh Bruce Goh says:

    How different is this from US release?

  9. Ricardo Ching Valdelomar

  10. Lyndon Cutting looks like they’ve updated their info from yesterday

  11. Might just have to sell my complete Zavvi Lenticular collection and buy this instead ?

  12. Robert says:

    Why do they think they can keep releasing this stuff over and over and over again and people will keep buying the same things they already have?

  13. Seriously tight looking boxset but you gotta be lucky to have that sort of money hanging around in this crazy time ??

  14. Bruno De Almeida Nazareth, quando possível, mano, me envia inbox quanto sai esse aqui num eventual pedido seu.

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