Marvel’s smash hit “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2” is getting a 4K Steelbook release from Zavvi

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Disney are taking the 4K plunge with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which will be getting a 4K steelbook release from Zavvi.

4K and 2D Blu-ray discs are included.

Pre-orders have just gone live – if you see a ‘sold out’ button refresh the page.

Pre-order: Zavvi

Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” continues the team’s adventures as they traverse the outer reaches of the cosmos. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage. Old foes become new allies and fan-favourite characters from the classic comics will come to our heroes’ aid as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand.

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43 Responses

  1. Is this Marvel/ Disneys first 4K release

  2. Just read your full article. This gives zavvi another chance to release every disney marvel lucasfilm release in 4k steelbook.

  3. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Order this and cancelled me hmv one

  4. I the only one not enamoured with the artwork?

  5. The prices of Zavvi’s 4k steels compared to HMV’s all inclusive ones are disgusting

    • Blame Disney for this one

    • Was the same for Great Wall as well
      Is it the studios setting the individual prices then or does the retailer have any sway?

    • All down to cost price from the studio. Obviously retailer chooses final price but won’t want to lose money

    • Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

      Disney don’t set the price, Zavvi do. Manufacturers cannot fix prices, it’s illegal. Zavvi have always been a rip-off. HMV are offering 3D + 2D + 4K Steels for £25!

    • Disney set the cost price when they sell the discs to Zavvi

    • There is a cost price – how much it costs the retailer to buy from the studio.

      Then the retailer sets the sale price that needs to cover things like staff costs, postage, etc, with a bit for profit. That’s business.

      Disney and Paramount are both bad for high cost prices. That translates to high sale prices.

      Obviously a retailer can sell for less, and make a loss, but they won’t be in business for very long

    • Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

      True but then Zavvi add a massive mark-up to inflate their profits over and above what the RRP would be. If other Studios can do triple pack combo Steels and there still be profit for the studio and retailer at a £25 price point then it proves Zavvi are whacking up the price for their own profit, especially with one less disc!

    • Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

      I know how business works, I work in Marketing. Obviously retailers would never sell for a loss. They would still make a major profit over the cost price at £25. Sony will be selling the Spider-Man four disk 4K set to HMV at a very similar price to this one to Zavvi. Why defend Zavvi.

    • I’m not defending anyone. I think the price is ridiculous, and I’ve certainly not ordered one.

      However I just think ire should be directed properly. Studios are getting greedy, and Disney have always been bad.

      Paramount too, as I’ve mentioned. The SINGLE disc 10 Cloverfield Lane was £22.99 at HMV on release – that’s taking the piss as well.

      Unfortunately studios know collectors will pay – as illustrated here, as it’s sold out now.

      Fans moan – quite rightly – about the prices of some of these titles, but unless they vote with their wallets it’ll just carry on.

      You say Zavvi would still make a major profit over cost if they sold out at £25, which suggests you know what Disney’s cost price is – care to share that info?

    • Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

      Ah OK, I was under the impression you were defending Zavvi.

      To be honest, I think both the studios and Zavvi are both to blame for the high prices, both will have a relatively equal influence on price but to my experience, the retailer has more control than the brand. Zavvi are nearly always higher than other websites which says a lot about them regardless of the Studio in question. I imagine Zavvi target a higher profit margin than their competitors.

      I totally agree with you, many collectors will pay for exclusives at these prices so Zavvi gets away with it. I just think that, coupled with their terrible customer service, it’s very dishonourable marketing.

      In contrast, HMV are killing it right now with credible marketing, original releases with complete disc packages with reasonable prices and they’re stomping all over Zavvi.

      I could only give an educated assumption as to manufacturing costs vs. studio prices to retailers vs. retailer prices but it would only be an estimation based on experience.

    • James Gray James Gray says:

      Will you not be able to buy a cheaper Steelbook off Amazon Germany or Amazon France? Quite a few times a Steelbook release that is a Zaavi Exclusive can be found on Amazon in other countries and sometimes much cheaper.

    • You really think they have sold out? Or maybe they will magically find some more closer to the release date….this company just lies and lies constantly….

    • Eugenio Fernandez Huelamo Jnr where have they lied?

      This title has currently sold out. As usually happens, closer to the release date, when Zavvi are preparing orders for shipping, they will cancel bulk orders and ordered where customer payment has failed.

      They will then make the remaining copies available again. This happens almost every time with major releases

    • Come on m8 that happens on the odd occasion. They say there sold out then they appear again all the time and some are still for sale to this day. Im sure you have been on the steelbook scene for a long time so you know exactly what im on about and lets not eveb get started on the lies they constantly say through customer service. Lets not play dumb

    • I’m not playing dumb at all. As I say, it happens with nearly all major releases, not just the “odd occasion”.

      And again, what lies do they tell through customer services? Genuinely interested.

    • Im not gonna sit here and make a list on what lies they make as the list would be far too long and ive just finished on the toilet… You can easily go to all forums or just type it on google and look at there reviews to see the lies they tell….i cannot believe you dont know what there like if you buy steelbooks off them all the time….

    • i buy steelbooks from all sort of places, and the only time i’ve trouble with one from Zavvi, was when my copy of The Arrival arrived dented. I contacted their customer services. They gave me an RMA to return it, then sent me a replacement. Quick and easy, no hassle. So i can only go by my own experience.

      I do check out a few of the forums, but they often seem to be populated with people with a bee in their bonnet, and nothing better to do than fucking moan all day about every perceived slight against them by whatever busines they’re on about. What a miserable existence that must be. Maybe if they didn’t act like such entitled dicks they’d get a bit further

    • I agree some people to go bit crazy…but many people and myself have been polite in emails and you get a respsonse which shows they havent even read the e-mail from some generic pre made form. This would make anyone mad after a few times…i stopped colllecting them because they were so bad. Anyway lets agree to disagree…have a nice day…?

  6. Simon says:

    Ordered and cancelled the 3D version. Shame Zavvi cant do 4K+3D+2D like HMV have started recently, and for more reasonable prices! £32.99 for 4K+2D compared to HMVs £24.99 for 4K+3D+2D!

  7. Paul Stone Paul Stone says:

    Wasn’t the 2D/3D one originally sold out?

  8. Joe Beltran Joe Beltran says:

    BESTBUY USA preorders are live… $35.00 3D and 4k.. got my order in already

  9. Isaac Chong this is better version

  10. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    Had to settle for the 3D version.

  11. Very extreme limited edition 4K steelbook i think ? It was sold out very fast… And there is no chance anymore to get a 4K copy of this movie because there is no normal packaging 🙁

  12. Carlos Otero helping you out bro

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