The fabled black & white version of “Mad Max: Fury Road” is finally coming in this new box set

Director George Miller has been teasing his black and white version of Mad Max: Fury Road for quite a while, and now, at long last, it’s headed our way.

Pre-orders are now live for the German release of the 6-Disc Mad Max High Octane Edition, which includes all 4 films (including the colour and B&W versions of Fury Road), and hours of extras.

There’s no word yet on a UK or US release, or a solo release for Fury Road in black and white with those new extras, but as soon as hear more we’ll update.

Pre-order: Amazon Germany

  • Contains the existing Madness of Max documentary on DVD
  • New documentaries for Mad Max 1 – 3
  • More than 4 hours of new bonus material for Fury Road
  • The black and white version of Fury Road



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2 Responses

  1. Matt H. Matt H. says:

    Here’s hoping for a UK/US release.

  2. Peter Johnston says:

    Yeah, I would definitely buy it if they did.

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